Book Lists

The booklists below are titles I use to prepare students to discuss themes that are relevant to the world they are inheriting: social justice, historical truths, anti-racism, empathy, relationships and diverse ways of knowing. In my Ethnic Studies classroom, I am purposely prioritizing authors who represent, and write about, their marginalized perspectives. Stories below are grouped into racial categories to ensure a balanced curriculum which encourages students to explore diverse lived experiences. In racial categories, I include books centering people living in those regions of the world as well as people who are ethnically or ancestrally connected to those regions. When choosing texts, I ask myself- how does this book allow my students to critically engage with the world they are inheriting and inspire them to create positive change in their communities? 

African Diaspora

Anti-Rasist, Anti-Bias

Asian & Pacific Islander

Beginning School

Black History


Graphic Novels

Human Migration

Indigenous/Native American

Indigenous History

Intergenerational Relationships

Central & South American


West Asia & North Africa