The Social Justice Books

The Social Justice Standards are divided into four domains: Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action. Teachers can use the standards to design their instruction in creating more just and equitable schools. I approach the Standards like a progression of skills. The first half of the school year is dedicated to lessons about Identity and Diversity to lay the groundwork for safe, empathetic, and informed discussions that will naturally unfold after instruction related to Justice. This work is necessary before developing and carrying out action plans to solve challenges identified within the community. Of course, this is not an exact science and teachers will facilitate learning that is student, family and community centered.


Books showing that a person's identity is a unique mix of qualities, characteristics, histories and more.


Books highlighting the beauty of diverse lived experiences.


Books awakening an understanding of the many issues communities have faced or are facing today.


Books inspiring children to make positive changes in their communities.
Artwork: Education Amplifier, Just Seeds. Book covers images are from publishers and in the public domain